Love my school by meera alshaer

I hate to go to the school every single day and what i hate the most of going to school is to wake up in the morning!!:S, but sometimes i also get bored of weekends and i just wait for it to end !

cause when i’m in school i can play , run  and have so much fun you know ! even if we have calss’s alia rabaa and maryam mohammed and the others they just let the class more fun somehow hahaha by the things they say and do 😛 !

anyway , what i love the most about being in the school The Break Time ❤ !  and sometimes it very short we dont have time to have fun ;p And EAT aked .. by the way i love all my classmate marym Hasnnoh w Maryam Hamad w Fatima Saqr and all of them they are Awsome .. but justin bieber is more awsome you know haha

i love ms amna class <3<3 she give us 10 min to login to the inrernet she’s cool

i love teacher khawla too , she always have a comments but i like her shes a little bit funnu =))

My best friends are Aisha sheban – Ghalya Abdalruhman -Maith Hmaid – Shaikha Ahmed -Mzoun Sultan shes my cuzn too – Marym Alkhrman Alia alaweed i did’nt forget 7d right ?

by the way do you remeber the Bbq we did in Saqr park =)) it was nice trip !!

i have many beautiful momreis with my classmate

i hate alfezya … cause i dont know ya mama kaak  !

by the way the one that will not come to my wedding i will not forgive her eveeer :@ w you have to dance b3d v.v haha

i have many friends in the whole school and i dont wanna to lose one of them i want to save them all in my life ! they are the meaning of happines but dont beleive your selfs so much ;p

i love anoud almurry by the way she’s beautiful<3___<3 i wanna keep her for me hahaha

i’m a big fan of justin bieber ! he’ll be 18 by 1 hour Hurrey happy birth day to you my dearrrrrrrrrr<3:P

آممم .. ماعرف اذا عآدي اكتب جذي لانه الصراحه ماعندي شي اكتبه -.- =( 😛

And thats all .. and i love all my teachers i hope form god to protect them =)

Maybe meera ali w maybe not =p


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